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2010 "1st" Annual K.O.T.I. Winner "Team Hoyt" 



2011 "2nd" Annual K.O.T.I. Winner "Team Decoy"

2011 team Decoy


2012 "3rd" Annual K.O.T.I. Winner " Team Wil Sea"

Wil Sea



2013 "4th" Annual K.O.T.I. Winner "Team Total Vision"

2013 KOTI

2014 "5th" Annual K.O.T.I. Winner "Team Second Chance"

Congratulations to our 2015 King of the Inlet

Team KingPin

Team King Pin

Team KingPin is this years “King of the Inlet”.  A team of five (Greg & Cole Samuel-Father & Son, Ricky Virginn, Aaron Watson and Carl Lentz).  In Tournament #1 (April) of the three part series the KingPin crew landed a massive 67.6 lb. Wahoo landing them 1st Place in the Wahoo category winning them $3,600 also a 15 lb. Dolphin and a 20.6 lb. King Mackerel.  This put them with a Slam (Wahoo, Dolphin & King) winning also the First Quality Plumbing Slam Challenge of $500. And putting them top in points with 1032 points! (69 boats in T#1)
On Tournament #2 (May) Team KingPin hit the dock with a 19.2 lb. Dolphin and a 22.7 lb. King Mackerel not putting them on the weigh board for this leg but it was enough to keep them 1st in points earning 419 points. (54 boats in T#2)
In Tournament #3 the final leg of the three part series and every team hoping to land the monster fish 40 boats take off for the championship.   Team KingPin comes in around 5:00 p.m. with the confidence of they have won the 2015 King of the Inlet.  Weighing in a 39 lb. Wahoo and a 15 lb. Dolphin putting an additional 540 points to their total points at 1991.  It was enough to earn them the 2015 King of the Inlet title.
Team Sea Genie came 2nd in points when they put the meat on the docks on Saturday around 6:30 p.m. with a 74.1 lb. Wahoo and a 28.3 lb. King Mackerel.  (In tournament 2 they we’re 9th in points).
Top 10 teams in the series are 1st-KingPin 1991, 2nd-Sea Genie 1740, 3rd- Marine Specialties 1654, 4th-Knot for Reel 1563, 5th Seaside Ceremonies 1168, 6th- Heavy Hitter 1159, 7th- Lotta Guts 1114, 8th-Reel Crazy 1098, 9th Trimmed Out 1095 and 10th Total Vision with 1052.

Grand Prize $5,000 and title of


“King of the Inlet” is Three Tournaments . The Grand Prize is based off the most points accumulated from the three tournaments. One fish per species - 10 points per pound!

To make this tournament more exciting we are paying double each month for a featured species depending on the migratory patterns of our fish. The April tournament pays double for Wahoo, the May tournament pays double for Dolphin, and the June tournament pays double for Kingfish. All three tournaments are fishing for all three species of fish.


For more information,

contact Pete Richardson at (386) 804-2590 or Email us at: Pete@KingoftheInlet.com 

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Frigate Ventures, LLC., a fishing enthusiast company owned by Guy Beasley and Pete Richardson, is proud to present three fishing tournaments with an ultimate title and crowning of "KING OF THE INLET."

"After years of fishing local tournaments, there was always a chance to win some money but no bragging rights were ever at stake, " said Guy. "With these tournaments, they can be fished as a one-time tournament entry, or if a person is interested in bragging rights they can fish to be King of the Inlet."

Each tournament can be fished as a stand-alone event, or as part of the "King of the Inlet" series. There is a $5,000 grand prize to be awarded to the "King of the Inlet" after the final tournament.

Each tournament will have a Captain's meeting Friday before and an Award ceremony Sunday after the tournament. There will be cash prizes and trophies for first, second and third place winners of each fish category for all tournaments.

"We're doing this because we love the sport, and consequently, we've been able to add features to the "King of the Inlet" tournaments that we've always wanted from the hundreds of tournaments we've fished in the past," commented Pete. "With this series, we are offering record high payouts, and every month there will be a featured fish depending on migratory patterns. Winners for the featured fish category will receive double the money!"

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Frigate Ventures, LLC.
P.O. Box 36
Pierson, Florida 32180


For additional information, please contact

Pete at (386) 804-2590

Email us at: Pete@KingoftheInlet.com 




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